MAN Roland Lithoman IV

32 pages Heatset machine

Technical Data:   

Configuration machine:  web direction from left to right 

Year of construktion                    2008
Cut-off                                            630   mm

Cylinder circumference               1260 mm

Web-width                                      965  mm

Max. Produktion                           45.000 revs./h

Machine hours/ rollovers            38.502 hours

Paper qualities                              40 - 120 g / m²

Machine condition                       very good

Availability                                     shortly after inspection


Machines length                          approx.  43,314  meter 

Machine height                            approx.    5,626  meter

Machine width                             approx.    9,600  meter

Offer-nr. 019A2019

Scope of delivery:

1 Automatic paper roll feed system, MAN Roland, type AUROload 2.1

1 reel splicer, MEGTEC type D.L.C. 2100 with split support arms and integrated infeed

1 webbing-up device, manufactured by MAN Roland

4 double printing units with PPL, with buzzle wheel, with 
   blanket washing, machine, make Oxy Dry, with color 
   supply  Technotrans
1 dampening circulation system, make Technotrans, type 
   delta.d 400 W
1 hot-air drying unit with integrated thermal exhaust air 
   cleaning system, MEGTEC, System Type Dual dry TNV 
   135-1066, with 15,3 m dryer length
1 cooling unit, MAN Roland with 6 cooling rollers
1 chill roll cleaning system, MAN Roland / Baldwin 
    (1st chill roll)
1 humidifier unit, make ELTEX, type Webmoister 70 XR

1 single-web folding structure

   with silicone device, manufactured by MAN Roland / Weko

   with two pairs of angle bars

   with color register control, MAN Roland ColorRegister Control S

   with cut register control, MAN Roland CutControl C

   with combined longitudinal adhesive and folding aid 
   device, manufactured by Robatech, Type WebTack with 3 
   application heads

   with one (1) former
1 folder, System 2: 5: 5: 3, basic folder with intermediate 
   piece and two second longitudinal folders (3rd folder) for 
   collective production or double production with product 

   Production of two second longitudinal folds on the lower 
   A4 liner.

   A complete 5-part cross folding group for DIN A3 
   production as well as A4 

   production folded over head.
1 Mechanical and electrical drive equipment
1 Pecom Basic and Pecom Extended (software and 
1 Pecom printnet pressport features pressport - 
   ImageDataInterface (IDI)